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Introducing Factotum.

Draw insights from complex, highly dimensional data with the power of XR.

With just 15 minutes a week, Factotum can help you gain the context you need to super-charge your business.


By leveraging the power of XR, explore weeks, months or years of data in a fraction of the time it would take to review roll-up reports and dashboards that fail to deliver actionable insights.

Turn anticipation into action.

Lost in the data deluge?
Factotum helps you cut through the noise, amplify relevant team activity, and empower your peers and leaders.

Build a more transparent workplace.
Bridge the information gap between contributors and leaders to create better alignment.

See Your Team's Story Unfold in Minutes.
Immerse yourself in your team's whole truth in just minutes a week.

Unlock the Hidden Depths of Your Codebase.
Pinpoint areas that require focused conversations that would otherwise not be surfaced.

Dismiss Flatlining Dashboards

Privacy by Design

A sigh of relief.
No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is collected.

Cloud free is the way to be.
No public cloud services are required to run Factotum on your headset.

Unchained Insights.
Browse your private project portfolio or public content on your secured local network, even if its air-gapped.

Break apart knowledge silos.

Spend 15 self-guided minutes in headset and catch up on months of cross-portfolio insights.

Headcount scaling made easy.

Take initiative by privately modeling headcount scaling before looping in the rest of your organization

Project Potential Futures

Gain the context you need to super-charge your teams with Factotum today.

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